About us

Big or small, it begins here.

At 50K Accelerator, no matter the amount of traction an early stage startup has received, we work with them to put them on the map. We fuse ambitious founders with growth strategies, go-to-market experts and forge commercial connections to build businesses of scale. We have created a structured go-to-market process that will enable startups to achieve the right product market fit and accelerate sales. During the collaboration, we tailor the promotion and customer acquisition strategies and help them understand and sell to customers. At the end of the process, the startups have the necessary market traction to approach investors for follow on funding rounds facilitated by us.

In today’s age, a startup having a strong technology focus is bound to impact the world in a positive way. However, there are a lot of available resources for startups to ideate and reach the stage of an MVP but what truly enables them to join the big league is the right approach and strategies to reach out to the market. With this as our core offering, we have created a framework which leverages our network and experience to help a startup achieve spectacular growth. . In the pursuit of looking for technology startups, we look for the ones that provide logical and fundamental solutions to prevailing issues and through productive initiatives, we foster the fastest route to gain an edge over competition.

Thrice a year, we open our doors to startups that across sectors and provide them with resources and opportunities to scale up quickly. We map them to different stakeholders including prospective customers, mentors, coaches and investors. These startups operate from our HQ and we work extensively with them to attain the best possible shape and guide them right from positioning them in the market to hosting a demo day to interact with investors and leave an appealing impression.